About Us

Empowering Youth to create a better  future for their health


H.O.N.E.Y Project is a nonprofit program in Denver that aims to provide hands-on nutrition education to at-risk Elementary students.   


Our mission is to empower students at a young age to create a better future for their health. 


The H.O.N.E.Y Project was created in 2015 by Metropolitan State University Nutrition alumni when they noticed that the current Elementary school curriculum left a gap in nutrition education. Many diseases that face American adults are caused by a lifetime of poor nutrition and can be prevented by introducing healthy eating habits at a young age. H.O.N.E.Y project has created hands-on nutrition curriculums and physical education that provide accurate nutrition information on the circulatory system, digestion, healthy eating, diabetes, and heart disease. We offer our programs to schools or organizations that wish to empower their students by giving them a foundation of knowledge that helps students take the future of their health into their own hands. 



Today we have supported 8 schools in the Denver area and

have impacted over 2,000 students!